Our Story

Griffin Realty and Construction Enterprises, Inc., GRACE Inc., was founded in 2005 with the mission of providing reasonably priced, top quality projects with exemplary customer service and commercial integrity.

Over the years our team has successfully delivered projects to the market ranging from single family lot subdivisions, multifamily developments, townhouse developments and condominiums.  We have extensive experience in brokerage, land assembly, obtaining entitlements, civil and architectural planning and vertical construction.  Our customers have ranged from local investors and partners to institutional groups.  Through our experience we have developed a team of professionals at every level of the process to help ensure our clients are getting exceptional service that leads to a successful project.


Whether you are planning a five lot subdivision or a 300 unit apartment complex, GRACE has the ability to take you all the way through the process.  Our services can range from simple vertical construction to full scale development planning and pro-forma analysis.


Contact us and let us see how GRACE can harness its knowledge and experience to work for you.   




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